2014 U.S. National Championship, Tulsa, Oklahoma

The 2014 U.S. Nationals continued to shine a light on the Michael Byatt Arabians Breeding and Show programs. Many of the horses presented by Michael Byatt Arabians were actually born or bred by MBA.  The stallions managed by and imported by MBA continue to prove the vision of the MBA program.  An unprecedented number of National winners can trace their roots to the stallions that are standing at, or have stood at Michael Byatt Arabians. Near and far, we salute and cheer the success of those who have shared in our program.  

Polidoro FC
(DA Valentino x *ABHA Palma)
U.S. National Champion 4 to 5-year-old Stallion
Owned by Falcon Crest Arabians
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Bessolina El Marwan
(*Marwan Al Shaqab x HB Bessolea)
U.S. National Reserve Champion Mare 4 to 5-year-old
Owned by Bob and Tiffany Koort
Houston, Texas


OFW Rihanna
(OFW Magic Wan x *Hafati Julianna)
U.S. National Reserve Champion 3-year-old Filly
Owned by Gary Kehl
Salt Like City, UT


(OFW Magic Wan x Maria El Besson)
U.S. National Reserve Champion 2-year-old Filly
Owned by Psynergy and Michael Byatt
New Ulm, TX


ABHA Valmont
(Abha Qatar x Abha Palmyria)
U.S. National Reserve Champion 2-year-old Gelding
Owned by Michael Byatt
New Ulm, TX


(DA Valentino x *ABHA Qalams)
U.S. National Top Ten Futurity Colt
Owned by Nora and Ray Tatum
Mt. Dora, FL


Miss Marwan PA
(*Marwan Al Shaqab x Miss Amerika)
U.S. National Top Ten Futurity Filly
Owned by Al Shahania Stud
Doha, Qatar


Izzabella Dona
(*Jiuliusz De Wiec x Iim So Sheik)
U.S. National Top Ten Yearling Filly
Owned by GRK Farms LLC
Salt Lake City, Utah


Rehan Al Shahania
(*Marwan Al Shaqab x Majalis)
U.S. National Top Ten Yearling Colt
Owned by Al Shahahnia Stud
Doha, Qatar


(*Besson x MFA Annies Song)
U.S. National Top Ten 6 to 7-year-old Gelding
Owned by Katherine Bartlett
Colfax, WI