A Visit to Mexico City

Miguel and his son Luis Miguel Muzquiz have long been considered 2 of the best sportsmen and enthusiasts on the Arabian horse scene.  Always positive, always ready for a joke and a good time. It is with this energy that these men from Mexico City participate in the Arabian horse world.

I took advantage of an opportunity to head south to Mexico City where I was picked up by Miguel and we headed one hour north of the city to see his beautiful horses.  Knowing several, including the amazing Suhal Al Nasser, I was anxious to see how he and his babies were doing; it had been a few years since they left my farm for this southern location.  The horses looked great; what a beautiful group of straight Egyptian Suhal foals!  Suhal himself was better than ever.  At 9 years of age he is completely mature, well bodied, full of charisma, and has perhaps one of the most beautiful heads on any Arabian; anywhere!  To top the entire experience off the farm itself is beautiful. The native landscape is fantastic, and with plenty of recent rains was lush, green, and in full bloom.

After the tour of the horses and farm we headed back towards the city with a stop off for lunch in one of the local villages.  There we had some real Mexican food which was delicious.  After lunch we ended our day in one of Mexico City’s great hotels where we continued our conversation about horses and life.

A great time with great hosts.  What a tough job I have!