Elkasun Arabians | 2010

Elkasun Arabians, South Africa | 2010


When I first met the Browns it was in America. Later, traveling to South Africa I visited their farm several hours to the north of Cape Town in an area that was truly in the middle of nowhere.   While my farm is considered to some as being a bit out of the way – this one really won the prize.  Generators provided the electricity, and there was certainly no cable, internet, or other services that we often take for granted.  What was real was the beauty; the rugged landscape, the livestock, the wide open skies.  This country is majestic.  And the horses that were housed in this remote place were beautiful.  My objectivity might be called into question as most came from my farm.  Regardless, few could deny their beauty.  Their stay in this remote place was not to be.  Owner and manager, Willie Brown, having a young family and parents who wanted to share (Bette, I am mainly speaking of you here!) in the life of their grandchildren, horses, and family, moved the family back south to Franschhoek where they rented a facility as they determined their next step.

It was on my visit to Franschhoek in the fall of 2007 that I was able to see the great EKS Bey Al Gazal in adulthood.  I had seen him before and always kept an eye on him; he had been National Champion Colt and I was interested in watching him closer as her grew into adulthood.  I loved him; and the rest, as they say, is history.  US Reserve National Champion and now the 2010 Scottsdale Champion Stallion, Bey Al Gazal, has validated my belief in him.  I join the Browns in thanking and congratulating Mystica Arabians on their ownership of this great stallion.  But the story moves on.

As it is with so many of us the end desire is to own our own facility, to create what we want and how we want it.  So it was with the Brown family.  After leasing the facility for some time in Franschhoek it was decided that a facility would be built on their home property; at long last family and horses would reside together.  After the show in Menton I decided to make a very quick trip to see the farm, the horses, and check in with my friends in Cape Town.  In an effort to limit my wordiness I am going to leave you with a pictorial essay of my latest visit to South Africa; from the textures of the landscape, to the new farm, the people, and the horses. While a bit out of the way, a trip to Elkasun is a very worthwhile journey. I hope you enjoy.