Lawrence El Gazal

2008 Grey Purebred Arabian Stallion

Owned by La Movida Arabians, Austria

Having successful progeny competing and winning at horses shows is a barometer of a stallion’s success. By any tracking method, Gazal Al Shaqab is one of the most necessary ingredients in a pedigree to guarantee the success of your future foal. There has been no arena that has not been dominated by the blood of the immortal Gazal and his sons. With that in mind we sought Gazal, with a twist. And we found exactly the phenotype and genotype we were seeking in the Gazal son, *Lawrence El Gazal. To see Lawrence is to acknowledge his uniqueness, his extreme type, and his glowing presence. And the closer is the beauty of his foals. A quick glance through his pedigree and it all makes sense. We have noted his sire but his dam is also of enormous significance. Lara El Ludjin is double Ali Jamal and double El Shaklan. Lara also has a couple lines to some wonderful pure Spanish blood, all of which contribute to making the pedigree of *Lawrence El Gazal a powerhouse of genetic possibilities!

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  Anaza El Farid Ruminaja Ali Shaikh Al Badi
Bint Magidaa
Bint Deenaa Ansata Ibn Halima
Kajora Kaborr Naborr
Bint Kholameh
Edjora Exelsjor
Lara El Ludjin Ludjin El Jamaal *Ali Jamaal Ruminaja Ali
Heritage Memory
*Lydira El Shaklan El Shaklan
*Lilyh El Jamaal *Ali Jamaal Ruminaja Ali
Heritage Memory
Lyria El Hadrun *Hardun
*Lydria El Shaklan